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We CAN live with more freedom & joy in the midst of the madness of modernity and even with the challenges of our current circumstances.


I help modern spiritual seekers create transformation in their lives by teaching them how to make space for self–care, new practices, and liberating change.


We are often taking care of the world (our careers, causes, families) and we don’t attend to our deepest growth. We get caught up in the same patterns over and over again wondering why things don’t change for us, wondering how does transformation happen? I know:

You need to attend to all of you for transformation to happen.

Mind, Body and Spirit

You need support for transformation to happen.

Support to identify challenges, build structures, create new capacities, and allow transformation to take hold

And you need to make space for transformation to happen.

Make space for aspirations & creativity // Make space for tenderness & challenges // Make space for possibilities & power…

Make space for all of you


Let me help you make space.

make space for all of you

work with me

Weirdos. Will. Slay.

I've written here before about feeling like I don't belong to any one group or identity. Actually, I am most comfortable in hyper–multicultural spaces — places where mixed–race couples and gender–illusionists abound. Luckily, those are the worlds through which I...

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