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I remember walking away from my first session with Sebene feeling like my life would not be the same. I felt so deeply heard that I was able to hear myself in a new way that was more compassionate and respectful. Her recommended exercises, feedback and encouragement helped me to nurture a deeper connection with myself and face my fears with courage and love.
Sebene’s presence is a gift. I’ve known Sebene for a bit over five years and feel lucky to be able to call her a mentor and guiding teacher. My life has been enriched by her wisdom, kindness, and honesty. I feel that Sebene accepts me as I am while, at the same time, encouraging me to be my most present, brave, and loving self.
Sebene’s life coaching was literally life changing; through our sessions together, I found a whole new understanding and awareness about certain thoughts, feelings and issues that I’ve been struggling with for awhile. Her questions prompted me to delve a lot deeper in myself, which could be uncomfortable at times, yet necessary for awareness and growth. I always prided myself on being a more insightful, reflective person, but after my time with Sebene, I realized that I was only skimming the surface.
Sebene Selassie is incredible at holding space. Her ability to observe and make simple reflective comments leaves me feeling open to hearing more about what she sees. Her openness to the mysteries in the universe also allow me to step into the often childlike wonder and awe that I so often feel self-conscious about openly expressing as an adult.
— Peace
Sebene is an ideal teacher–patient, wise, and strong. In ‘Making Space,’ she provided us with insightful tools for self-reflection and was thoughtful and generous in sharing her own process for making space and conceiving the course. It was an experience that continues to feed me.
— Amira
Sebene has the unique capacity to bring together meditation, Buddhist philosophy, sociopolitical studies and psychology. This multidisciplinary approach along with her kind and compassionate heart is what makes her stand out. It’s also exactly what has made her classes, teachings and one-on-one conversations such a unique contribution to my life.

Sebene was the teacher that introduced me to meditation nearly four years ago and today — after having studied with many different teachers in the U.S. and abroad — I still can’t believe how lucky I was to just walk into her class.
— Ellie
When Sebene teaches, people gather. Something about her spiritual practice feels bottomless. Her words spoke to my heart, repeatedly. She is so wise.
— Nat
I have so much to thank you for — thank you for awakening me to myself. When I came in to see you on that first day… remember how I curled up and hid myself in that small couch? I took up that small part of myself too. I don’t know if that is a good way to explain because how can I be so small inside myself? But I was. Like a pea rattling around in there… there as in that body… that physical self. The flame that was me was just small small small.

Since we had our sessions — I wrote about a dozen things and published them all. I got my research together and about to publish that as a small book as well. I can stop unhealthy relationships and be compassionate even if uncomfortable because the world is large and I am no longer a small pebble inside myself.

Thank you for coaxing me out and bringing me to greater understanding of myself, myself in relation to the world, myself in relation to my past, myself most importantly in relation to my present. There were beautiful words said. There were beautiful books and poems you recommended. And most importantly, you helped me narrate a self that is still taking shape.
— Zohra