Are you making a decision or struggling with an issue?

Sit or lay down on your back and come into connection with your whole body. Take some slow breaths to really feel into any sensations that are arising in the body.

Sense the contact with the chair or floor. Where is there pressure where your body meets the ground or structure holding you? What does it feel like? Notice (without needing to change anything) if one side (left or right; top or bottom) or part of the body feels heavier or more in contact. Where is the back of the of the body not touching? What does that feel like? How does the front of the body feel? Follow the breath in the front of the body for some breaths… Can you hang out here for a while without rushing away?

Bring your awareness to the belly. What are the sensations? If there’s tightness just breathe into it, letting go with a long exhale. What color, flavor or description would you give what you feel?

Can you make your decision or inquiry from this place?


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