The image above is from a documentary about Anna Breytenbach, an animal communicator. Stay with me. Really, the connection she has with animals is grounded in deep listening and a profound ability to feel both internally and externally. Something we all long to do even a little bit as well as she does (even if we don’t know it).


I recently took a course with my friend Madelyn Kent, a playwright and director who created Sense Writing — a program that integrates the principles of Somatic Education (Feldenkrais) into the writing process — resulting in greater connection and ease. I find the process very liberating. When I make the space and time to do it.


I’ve loved the music of Oumou Sangaré since I discovered her album “Worotan” in the late nineties and have begun listening to her a lot again recently. She is a Malian musician who writes, composes, and sings traditional Wassoulou music. Her voice and sound resonate deep feeling and power and remind me of the beauty of West African culture.

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