My very talented friend, Felicia Megginson, produced the self–portrait above — a meditation on the natural world and her place in it. This photo and her series remind us how few creative explorations there are of black womanhood in relationship with the rest of the natural world.


My copy of Leaves of Grass is very well worn. Walt Whitman’s classic is filled with lyrical expressions of the transcendent manifest in lived bodies. He conveys the profound connection between body & soul, between humans & nature. For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.


When my best friend Peter lived in Hawaii, every Sunday morning he would go to Ecstatic Dance where a DJ played an eclectic mix of soulful dance music in an outdoor space. Peter called it church. It reminded me of so many dance clubs we frequented in our youth — but without the controlled substances and in the sunlight… Dancing outdoors is radical.

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