My winter soundtrack includes Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon. I don’t usually go for beatless music, but I find the ethereal nature of the album (one 60 minute piece) is perfect for the natural stillness of the season (even if NYC and my own mind won’t comply). On really cold days, I listen to it walking in the streets to bring a sparse wintery texture to my experience or play it in my apartment as I start my day.


I was introduced to the practice of Yin Yoga some years ago through the work of Sarah Powers. Her book Insight Yoga is a deep and illuminating introduction into this simple but profound practice. Another winter favorite, Yin Yoga encourages long holding of poses (at least 5 minutes each) and helps me tune into the power inherent within stillness. Often, I will play an ambient album, holding each posture for the length of one song.


Feel free to welcome me to this era; I’ve joined Instagram — @wiseawake. I haven’t posted as of writing this but what I’ve enjoyed is witnessing the ordinary moments of wonder that my friends capture and share. Some are arty-artists. Many are simply moving through their day open to all that surrounds. No links and extras needed. Simply bits of beauty uploaded.

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